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Zimbabwe Scouting Report


Zimbabwe Scouting Report
I just returned from an eighteen day scouting trip in Southern Africa which I undertook in order to evaluate some new camps, some old favorites, and to assess the overall safari environment. Here are the highlights of my travels.
The value is there. Zimbabwe offers terrific wildlife, cultural, and adventure opportunities at a price and level of comfort that is unrivaled anywhere in Africa.
Victoria Falls is booming again with the opening of a new international terminal and a runway built for large passenger planes. Ethiopia Air and Kenya Air offer flights to VFA and I fully expect carriers like Lufthansa and British Air to follow. White water rafting, zip lines, and bungee jumping are available to the adventurous. New lodges and restaurants can be seen on both the Zimbabwe and Zambia side of the Zambezi River.
The political environment is stable even as the old line regime is phased out. What has not changed is the hospitality and warmth of the Zimbabwean people. They truly make you feel welcome and they are happy to share their enthusiasm for the future of Zim.
I visited ten camps and came away very impressed with their level of quality and comfort. Food, facilities, and staff were top notch.Ground and air transport was smooth, reliable and efficient. The reputation of Zimbabwean guides as the best in all of Africa is still true today.
One of my objectives on this scouting trip was to determine whether we could offer families a good safari experience at a reasonable price. I came away certain that we could. Children 12 and under, sharing with a parent, receive a fifty percent discount.
We can offer safari packages for couples, families, and groups at prices well below comparable offerings by any other tour company.
Safari Bill’s Africa will open a branch office in Victoria Falls early in 2018.
Our primary competitive advantage is our knowledge and experience in Africa supported by a network of local people who help us provide us with information and intelligence. Our presence in Victoria Falls enhances our competitive advantage……We know Africa.
Contact us if you would like to consider joining us for a group safari in the near future. I will lead the safari if we have eight or more in the group.
Safari Bill

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