Family and Friends Safari Adventure 2019

I have been very busy planning a group safari for the summer of 2019, and I am now ready to share my itinerary with you even though not everything is finalized. Highlighted links will take you to related videos.

This will be an adventure in Southern Africa in one of my personal favorite locations. The country of Zimbabwe (Northern Rhodesia) has long been one of the best wildlife destinations and also a bargain among Africa nations. The long-time dictator has departed, and the government is stable and in capable hands.

Our itinerary includes one night and nearly two full days at Victoria Falls, which, in addition to the Falls, offers a number of attractions. On the second night, we depart in our dedicated railcar. We will enjoy dinner on board, after-dinner drinks, and then to our sleeper berths. We will arrive during the night at the small village of Dete. Our rail car will be uncoupled and switched to a siding for the rest of the night.

In the morning we will enjoy a light breakfast and then meet our safari guides, board our vehicles and start on our first game drive in Hwange National Park. Our drive takes us through the park on our way to our first camp, Nehimba, where we should arrive in time for lunch.

Nehimba is famous for its elephants, and you will be very close to them. Take a look at this video: Nehimba Camp. We spend three nights at Nehimba where we can hope to see lions, cheetah, plains animals and — if we are lucky — leopard.

After we leave Nehimba, we drive back to Dete, stopping along the way for photos and a rest stop. At Dete, we board the Elephant Express for a rail safari across the eastern edge of Hwange. As you can see from the Elephant Express video, we may see almost any animal behavior.

Arriving at our destination, our guides from the next camp will meet us and drive us to our home for the next four nights at Bomani Camp. I visited Bomani last November, and it immediately became one of my new favorites. The Nagamo Plains are teeming with wildlife, including my beloved Wild Dogs. It is a wildlife paradise that I know you will enjoy. In addition to safari, while we are at Bomani, we will have an opportunity to visit Nagamo village and the school. You can meet some of the people who live here and gain an understanding of their life here in a remote corner of Africa.

Our time here will pass too quickly. We will fly back to Victoria Falls. For those wanting to take an extension to Cape Town, your flight will arrive in the city late in the evening. If you are going home, you will fly to Johannesburg and have some time for shopping before your international flight home.

If this safari adventure is something you want to seriously consider, let me know.

I have one reservation available until May 15, 2019.

SB1901 would begin with arrival and overnight June 19 at either Johannesburg(JNB) or Victoria Falls (VFA), depending on your selection of air lines.
One night in JNB June 19 and one night in VFA June 20 or two nights in VFA June 19 & 20.
The plan looks like this.
June 20 Fly to VFA (from JNB)
June 20 VFA sightseeing and overnight
June 21 VFA day activities and overnight train to Dete, Zimbabwe
June 22-24 at Nehimba Camp.
June 25-28 at Bomani Camp
June 29      Fly to Victoria Falls. Fly back to US or take extension to Cape Town.