Mobile Tented Safari Botswana

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Are you looking for an exceptional safari experience – something different… something authentic… something real… an experience where you can see, smell, taste and feel Africa? 

Fall asleep under canvas to a sky filled with millions of stars. Our mobile safari experience is reserved for the privileged few… for those who seek to feel Africa and not simply see it…

  • “Mobiles“ are the most authentic way to experience an African safari. Firstly you sleeping under canvas, your camp is erected in the Botswana bush in private campsites for the benefit of only your safari. Small groups of guests with a compliment of attentive camp staff and an experienced and knowledgeable guide… it does not get better than this. Take me to Africa!
  • Nothing connects you to nature more immediately than the sounds and smells of the African wilderness at night. The best way to experience this is by doing safari the old-fashioned way – in a tented camp.
  • Mobile tented camps have advantages aside from the romance of being at one with the bush. Because they relocate throughout the year, to coincide with the movement of wildlife, it means they’re always close to the action. 
  • There are however a few things to note before booking a mobile tented safari. Because the campsites are erected in the open bush there are no fences and wild animals can roam freely. While it’s considered safe, it’s not for everyone. 
  • Mobile camps have permanent chefs and staff, but the quality of dining cannot be compared to that of a fully equipped kitchen and serviced restaurant. That said the ambience of dining under the stars makes up for this. 


A Mobile Tented Safari is ideal if you have a group of 4 or more as you can undertake a private safari for you and your friends


Similarly, whereas its not so easy to get you and your family to lodges, which may not have room for your family, you and the kids can enjoy some time close with each other and not have to worry about other guests. Book a private safari for just your family.


Staying in canvas tents in completely unfenced and private campsites within the National Parks… This is as close as you can get to the wildlife around you, as the game often wanders through camp.


A Mobile Tented Safari is a great way to save a little. These safaris can be far less expensive than a lodge safari, but they don’t skimp on service and adventure.


Whether departing on a scheduled trip or a private mobile safari, you can choose your own timescale to suit the time you can get away from it all.

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My Africa partner for this safari is Okavango Expeditions. Here is a short video providing you with a look at a typical mobile safari.