Safari Choices

Choosing the right safari is a personal decision, and the first step in the process is defining your wants and needs. Here are some questions to help you.

What wildlife do you want to see? 

Is there a particular animal you want to see? For example, if you want to see Mountain Gorilla or the Great Wildebeest Migration, that would drive a very specialized itinerary.

How luxurious would you like your safari? 

Each of our safaris is comfortable, but depending on your budget, we can craft a safari that fits your comfort level. We offer three levels: basic, standard, and luxury.

  1. Basic 
    • For those who want to rough it a bit. 
    • You will sleep in a mobile-tented camp and have access to bucket showers and drop toilets.
    • No electricity
  2. Standard
    • Our most-chosen option.
    • These safaris offer a tent or thatch-hut lodging with running water, shower, and comfortable beds. 
    • Most have electricity in the tent or available at a charging station.
  3. Luxury
    • All the amenities of a Four-Star Hotel.
    • In my opinion, you miss the true experience of Africa.

How much time do you have? 

For my U.S. guests, flight times and vacation schedules dictate a safari plan that fits into a 14-day block of time. For those based in London, you have more options, and your decision may be based on the time you spend on safari and the time you wish to relax or tour other sites in Africa.

Six to eight days on safari is the norm for my guests. More than that can be tiring unless you have a break midway through the safari. Many prefer to do the safari first, then spend time relaxing in Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Zanzibar or Seychelles.

Do you want a private or group safari? 

If you prefer a private safari, as most of my guests do, I will prepare a custom safari itinerary. Check out my Destinations to see some itineraries I offer.

What is your budget?

Usually, the answers to most questions come down to budget. My safari recommendations range from US $6000 -US $10,000 per person, which includes all “in-country” transportation, accommodations, and most meals and drinks.

International flights, tips/gratuities, and personal expenditures are not included.

The answers to these questions provide a starting point to choose the safari that is right for you.

Why Safari Bill?

My goal as a Safari Tour Agency is to enable my clients to have a safari experience that is both memorable and affordable. I leverage my experience and contacts in Africa and the small size of my agency to meet that goal. My prices are consistently lower than other US and UK providers for the same safari itinerary. That is not to say you won’t find someone who offers a lower price, but you will not find anyone who matches my itinerary in terms of location, camps, guides, food, and quality.

The only higher priority I have is the safety of my clients.

Contact Safari Bill for more information!