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Travel Insurance from Safari Bill, LLC, by Allianz

Safari Bill has partnered with Allianz to offer affordable travel insurance for your safari travel — or any travel. While we all expect our trips to go as planned, it’s important to be prepared. With features like comprehensive trip cancellation, primary emergency medical coverage, 24-hour travel assistance, and optional benefits to tailor the plan to your travel needs, the Allianz Classic Plan is the sensible companion for your carefree vacation. With the Classic Plan+, kids 17 and under are covered for free when traveling with a parent or grandparent.

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Reason 1: Non-refundable Trip Deposits

If you have to cancel a trip, you may not be able to recover all or part of your deposit. With Allianz, you can recover all your deposits.

Reason 2: Your Medical Insurance or Medicare May Not Cover You

Your medical insurance or Medicare may not cover your medical care. Some will only cover emergency treatment but not subsequent hospitalization or illness. Even if your own insurance does cover some costs, you may have a high deductible.

Reason 3: Your Baggage is Lost

If your baggage is lost, Allianz will cover the replacement of necessary items and reimburse for costs not covered by the airlines or your homeowner’s insurance.

Reason 4: Your Flight Was Cancelled Because of Bad Weather

Airlines are not required to provide rooms or meals for stranded passengers. Allianz will cover lodging and meals up to the limits of your policy.

Reason 5: Emergency Medical Evacuation Is Needed

Allianz will transport you to a medical facility that has been approved for dealing with your medical issue.

Reason 6: Getting Sick or Injured Before Your Trip

Allianz will reimburse you for the unused, non-refundable portion of your trip.

Reason 7: Your Passport Is Lost

Allianz has a 24-hour Help Line with specialists who will advise on and expedite the replacement of your passport.

Reason 8: You Have a Complicated Itinerary

A trip with many legs and carriers adds complexity. A day’s delay could cause you to miss a critical connection. Allianz can cover the non-refundable costs and may be able to provide alternative transportation to get you to the next leg of your trip, depending on your policy.

Reason 9: You Have Lost Your Job

If you have selected this option in your travel insurance policy, your non-refundable cost is covered.

Reason 10: You Want Peace of Mind

If you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason, your non-refundable costs will be covered. You can enjoy yourself without feeling you are taking a risk.

Travel insurance should be part of planning and booking your trip. In partnership with Allianz, we offer comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing.

Protect your bucket list vacation with single trip insurance. Or, for frequent travelers, consider the value of an annual policy that covers all your trips in a 12-month period. Talk with us and let us tailor coverage for you.

Other Allianz plans like the Essential and Basic Plans offer limited coverage for a lower cost.

For a detailed quote, visit our Allianz partner and enter F202969 in the ACCAM travel agent referral field.

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